Project Environment Executor
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Project Environment Executor, Define your project workspace as code and config.


Creating tmux sessions with preconfigured panes layouts and commands. inspired from tmuxinator

Get Started

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go install

Initialize a project

pee init myproject

Select a directory from the file picker by <space>, the directory that the init is run in will be the default starting directory for the file picker, you can go up and down directories by <backspace> and <enter>

Configure project

Config is similar to tmuxinator

name: ppec-ui
editor: nvim
root: /Users/raj.sharma/Documents/GitHub/ppec-ui
  - window_name: editor
    layout: 8070,202x58,0,0[202x46,0,0,89,202x11,0,47,92]
      - shell_command:
          - nvim "+SessionManager load_current_dir_session"
      - shell_command:
          - echo 'npm run dev'
  - window_name: hosts
    layout: even-horizontal
      - cd somewhere && activate env
      - shell_command:
          - ssh stg-host1
      - shell_command:
          - ssh stg-host2
  - window_name: git
      - shell_command:
          - lazygit
lastopened: 2023-10-22T14:03:54.071678+05:30
attach: true

editor here is used as the default editor for editing the config file. note: attach here does not tmux attach the new session, instead uses tmux switch-client for faster switching.

Run a project

For this example we have a project called ppec with the above config

pee ppec

and this should open up ppec tmux session

Edit or Run from list

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You can also run

pee ls

and select the project from table and click <enter> to open/create the session or <e> to edit the config of the project


  1. Supporting iTerm2 As of now this supports only tmux windows and panes, would want to add support for iterm and other terminals if they have api's to do so.
  2. Ability to save an opened session into a config or update a config
  3. Parse cli args to config
  4. Ability to save custom layouts as named layouts that can be used across multiple projects
  5. Sync configs across devices

All contributions are welcome